Villa Originals  

Went there for the first time for a hair cut.  Melanie was great.  The salon has been there for 50 years but it is in such an odd location even a local might never know it is there.  A small friendly place that you could bring your whole family.  Try it.                                      
                                                                                Barbra F.
                                                                                Lombard, Il

 I have been getting my hair cut at Villa Originals for 38 years. I love the homey feeling of this place, like Cheers, where everyone knows your name. Many of my friends and relatives come here to get their hair done too. Patti bought the place from Patrick a few years ago, and she did a very nice job redecorating it. She has a really cute display of antique hand mirrors on the north wall. 

This place isn't highly sophisticated, but neither are the prices. It is just a good old fashioned family run business where you can bring your kids, parents, or grandparents for a haircut, color, perm, or set. Patrick still colors my hair as he stayed on after he sold the business to Patti. Give this place a will like it. Beware that they are closed on Mondays.                                                                   
                                                                          Anna C.
                                                                         Villa Park, IL
Villa Originals
26 S. Villa Ave.    
Villa Park IL 60181 
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